Tourism POlicies for a Sustainable Development

Project Title: Tourism POlicies for a Sustainable Development

Funding Source: The Operational Program for Administrative Capacity, 2014-2020, Priority Axis Eficient Public and  Juridical System, Component 1 - CP2 / 2017 - Increasing the capacity of NGOs and social partners to formulate alternative public policies, Operation - Development and introduction of systems and common standards in public administration, that optimize citizen-driven business decision-making processes in line with SCAP.


The "Save the villages of Bucovina. Adopt a house!" Project

Students of the University "Stefan cel Mare" Suceava, Faculty of Economics and Public Administration, specialization The Economy of Commerce, Tourism and Services, in collaboration with the ADER-Association for Economic and Regional Development, the Bucovina Village Museum, Bucovina and Tourism Association have launched in 2011, the "Save the villages of Bucovina. Adopt a house!" Project!

The project is intended as an act of social responsibility which aims to preserve the authenticity of Bucovina village.


Eco-Carpathians Project

The border collaboration project "ECO-Carpathians-Eco-Business Development in Border Carpathians as Chance for Better Economic Competitiveness" is conducted by the Municipal Public Association Business Center "(Chernivtsi), in collaboration with ADER - Association for Regional Economic Development (Suceava, Romania), National Association for Mountains Rural Development" Romontana "(Vatra Dornei, Romania) and International Small and Medium Business Association "Euro Small Business" (Balti, Republic of Moldova).