The "Save the villages of Bucovina. Adopt a house!" Project

Students of the University "Stefan cel Mare" Suceava, Faculty of Economics and Public Administration, specialization The Economy of Commerce, Tourism and Services, in collaboration with the ADER-Association for Economic and Regional Development, the Bucovina Village Museum, Bucovina and Tourism Association have launched in 2011, the "Save Bucovina Village. Adopt a House!" Project!

The project is intended as an act of social responsibility which aims to preserve the authenticity of Bucovina village.  In fact, this initiative is intended as a warning signal aimed raise public awareness about the need to preserve architecture and local traditions in Bucovina area.

A first step in this campaign was made in June 2011 when he managed to organize a photo exhibition in which they were exposed over 30 exhibits the story of traditional houses from Bucovina. Action was repeated in December 2011.

At the initiative of USV rector , Dr. Adrian Graur, these actions were continued in the summer of 2012, through field research and documentation of a new set of more than 30 houses. The results of this campaign were exhibited in the photo exhibition in December 2012.

In 2013, our team aims at resumption of field research, conducting the workshops of rehabilitation of traditional houses, publishing materials for promoting the project.