What you get?
Professional specialization Trainer Certificate issued by the Ministry of National Education and the Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Protection Elderly Persons.
Modern knowledge of adult education and training.



Whay to participate?
The course proposes an interactive approach with a very practical character of notions of training, education and training, aiming at the acquisition by students of knowledge, techniques and practical skills of training - essential for optimizing the training - and developing some teams of trainers with new breeze.


 Skills acquired
After the completion of this course participants will obtain the necessary competencies to design, implementation, evaluation and review the theoretical / practical activity and / or training programs and development of professional skills, developed in specialized institutions or at work.
Following the participation in class, according to the Occupations Guide from Romania, the trainer will cover the main areas of knowledge needed to the practice of this type of occupations, such as:
• Applicable specialized training skills
• Teaching, lectures
• Training of persons

Course topics
• Effective communication at work
• Preparation of training
• Realization of training activities
• Evaluation of participants at training
• Applying special methods and techniques of training
• Marketing of formation i
• Designing training programs
• Organization of programs and training
• Assessment, review and quality assurance of programs and training

Duration: 150 hours, 100 hours of theoretical formation and 50 hours of practical activity with international trainers.
Participation fee: 300 Lei for teachers


                         600 Lei for people who don't have knowledge of teaching


Necessary papers for entry:
- Birth certificate - copy
- Identity card - copy
- Marriage Certificate (if applicable) - copy
- Curriculum Vitae
- Last certificate awarded – copy


Conditions of registration:
- Absolvent of university with licence diploma
- Communication skills and team work

For additional information we can be contacted at:
tel/fax: 0230 530142
mobil: 0745 001297 Doru Biliuţă, Consultant
e-mail: office(at..) or adersuceava (/at..)